The taste of traditional and modern Napalese cuisine, aromatic spices and an array of exotic flavours. The lore of Nepalese food is entwined with taboos of religion, superstition and caste. This has produced a satisfying, sustaining and healthy cuisine.

The KATHMANDU PALACE now offer you not only the secrets of Nepalese art, architecture and hospitality but a special Nepalese restaurant in a historic and beautiful setting. For the best recipes of Nepal, the finest meat, vegetables, aromatic spices and fresh herbs are used by the chef at the Kathmandu Palace every day to create exotic meals. The food of Nepal is as diverse as the country itself.

The Nepalese recipes are quick to cook and good to eat. Nepalese food is famous for its nutrition level and tempting taste. Whilst Nepalese cuisine is somewhat basic, it certainly does not lack in flavor, making extensive use of spices and flavorings such as ginger, garlic, coriander, pepper, cumin, chilies, cilantro, mustard oil, ghee and occasionally yak butter.

Come, let the Kathmandu Palace help you to savour some of the famous dishes of Nepal.

Kathmandu Palace

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9 Nile Street
Adelaide, 5045
Ph: (08) 8294 8224

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6 days

  • Lunch (Please call to confirm that we are open)
    Wednesday to Friday: 12 noon to 3pm
    Tuesday to Sunday: 6pm to 10:30pm

    Allow BYO with charge of $13.50 per bottle (750 ml wine only)
    Seating inside for 40 and outside for 15
    Private function room available


1 User Review

  • This place is to die for. Stunning food, service and venue. A little pricy for Adelaide but all in all great value. Place was packed yet food came quickly staff still made time to chat. A place full of satisfied diners.
    Pete, over 3 years

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